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Wrist pain may have as many causes as it is common. Pain around the wrist may cause misery on a day to day basis for those who lead active lives and use digital technology and smart devices. Pain experienced around the wrist caused by arthritis usually affects the elderly, while wrist pain may also affect those leading an active, sporty lifestyle. The use of digital smart devices, household chores, strain and physical labor may lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is characterized by a burning and tingling pain experienced in the fingers both during the day and especially at night. Former or current injuries, fractures and post-operative states may also lead to wrist problems requiring treatment and splinting.
Should we experience wrist pain it is of paramount importance to have the appropriate orthosis to alleviate symptoms.
There is a wide variety of Chrisofix® wrist orthoses available, so we are able to cater to a wide range of wrist problems.  Chrisofix® wrist orthoses also provide a high standard of care.

Have you suffered a scaphoid fracture?

What is a scaphoid fracture?

The scaphoid is a small bone located at the base of the thumb. It plays a key role in ensuring harmonious and pain-free motion of our hand and wrist. Due to its position however, it is prone to injury – out of all eight small “carpal bones” (the bones making up the wrist) the scaphoid is most commonly injured. Because of its special anatomy, fracture healing may be problematic or even unsuccessful leading to the development of a “pseudoarthrosis or a “non-healed fracture”. This non-healed fracture of the scaphoid is painful to loading and may even become painful during rest. If the non-healed fracture is not solved it may lead to chronic wrist pain, reduced ability to load the wrist, and difficulties while performing everyday tasks.

If the pseudoarthritis is not resolved, the position of the scaphoid bone becomes compromised leading to cartilage damage and arthritis of the wrist. Arthritis in the wrist can be quite debilitating, the accompanying pain suffered by the patient may make performing daily activities, work tasks  or sports difficult, even impossible in some cases.

Therefore it is important to recognize a scaphoid fracture, or later on a non-healed scaphoid fracture and to take it seriously in order to retain pain-free and adequate function of our hand.


Who is most commonly affected by a scaphoid fracture?

Scaphoid fractures are more common in men than women. They typically happen to those leading an active/sporty lifestyle. The most common scenario for a scaphoid fracture is a sports injury, but it may occur following a fall on an outstretched hand, or during a  motor vehicle accident.


What are the most common symptoms of scaphoid fractures?

Following the sports injury, the fall on an outstretched hand, or the motor vehicle accident, there is immediate pain on impact. The severity of the pain depends on the mechanism of injury, the type of fractures etc. and may vary on a wide scale for different patients. It may be accompanied by significant pain and swelling, however it may be relatively symptom-free or may have mild symptoms only. Certain movement and loading usually provoke the pain. If the scaphoid fracture is not diagnosed in time, or treated successfully, the pain may become constant over time, and a dull ache may be present even during rest. Relatively symptom-free periods may alternate with more painful ones that make everyday life and performing tasks quite uncomfortable.


What can we do?
How do Chrisofix® scaphoid ortheses help alleviate the problem?

Treatment of a scaphoid fracture may be conservative (meaning without an operation) or surgical. When conservative treatment is undertaken it is paramount to fixate the wrist in the appropriate position. The duration of this fixation – depending on the type of fracture – ranges between 8-12 weeks, but may even be more than that.  This may be done by using a traditional cast or by applying an appropriate orthosis. Due to the innovative design of the Chrisofix® scaphoid orthosis it provides maximum stability while retaining freedom of the fingers to perform everyday tasks. They are also light and comfortable to wear.

The most common surgical solution for scaphoid fractures is the implantation of a so-called “compression screw”. Following this surgical procedure however it is common to have the need for fixation of the wrist until wound healing is finished, or even longer. In these cases Chrisofix® scaphoid ortheses provide a safe and comfortable solution, while providing the necessary stability for healing of the bone.

If the scaphoid fracture is not diagnosed in time, or it is not treated successfully and a pseudoarthritis develops (meaning that the fracture does not heal) treatment is surgical. There is a wide range of surgical options available, depending on the injury and the special demands of the patient, however what these surgeries have in common is that in most cases fixation of the wrist is necessary for a number of weeks, sometimes even months following the procedure. The Chrisofix® scaphoid orthosis provides the necessary complimentary stability following these surgical procedures and it is comfortable and well-fitted orthosis.


How long do we need to wear the Chrisofix® scaphoid orthosis?

It may be necessary to wear the Chrisofix® scaphoid orthosis independently or as a complimentary measure to surgery in case of a scaphoid fracture for a few weeks but more commonly for a few months,  therefore comfort stability and hygienic considerations are paramount.


Why Chrisofix® scaphoid orthosis?

Treatment of a scaphoid fracture may be conservative (meaning without an operation) or surgical, but in both cases it is paramount in the successful treatment of the fracture that the wrist be fixed in the appropriate position while providing adequate stability.  The Chrisofix® scaphoid orthosis ensures both the appropriate positioning and the necessary stability for successful treatment of scaphoid fracture. Thanks to the special innovative design of Chrisofix® scaphoid orthoses the aluminum core that makes up the frame of the orthosis provides adequate stability while maintaining the opportunity for precise and exact fitting.

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