Rib splint – REF_60


Recommended to use in case of chest contusion, rib fracture(s) or floating chest (to prevent paradox breathing) and following thoracic surgery.

Application and adjusting

The fracture(s) need to be localized with and X-ray before application of the splint.
Patient should be in a sitting or standing position (preferably not lying down) when the splint is applied. Patient should assume a straight posture as much as possible. Good posture aids proper application of the splint.
Skin should be void of hair and degreased before application of the splint.
Pre-formation of the splint should be done on the non-injured side of the chest.
Adjust the arrow-marked surface of the splint to the chest so that the direction of the arrow follows the ribs.
Pull off the paper cover sheet marked with the arrow from the splint surface.
Apply the splint to the fracture region while breathing out. The splint has to bridge the fractured area.
While breathing in, remove the paper cover sheet from the bottom of the waterproof foil and press the adhesive foil edges to the skin.
Using the flap on the outer surface of the splint remove the outer see-through foil. This will make the waterproof foil breathable.
Do not leave this last cover sheet on the splint, and only remove it as a last step, otherwise the splint is not usable!

Product details – Premium

S (small)

 for 1 to 3 broken ribs


Splint dimensions

12 x 17 cm

REF / Order Number

604 226 104

L (large)

for more than 3 broken ribs


Splint dimensions

17 x 17 cm

REF / Order Number

608 226 104

To consider
using the splints

The Chrisofix® Chest orthosis is light, comfortable and transparent to X-rays. Its surface materials are friendly to the skin and non-allergenic. The splint has to be applied only after precise localisation of the fractured ribs (medical/X-ray control!). The rough application/adjustment has to be performed on the non-injured side. It should only be bent and must not be cut. The chest orthosis is for a single use of about ten days.

For longer treatment a new splint might be necessary.In case of itching, the covering foil has to be removed and the sticking of the orthosis onto the chest has to be strengthened with non-allergenic, non-acrylic tapes. While taking a shower, the removed covering foil has to be replaced by a temporary water protection.


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