5th metacarpal fracture orthosis


Immobilisation of 5th metacarpal including the metacarpophalangeal (MP) and the carpometacarpal (CMP) joints after injuries, distortions of the region and fractures of the 5th metacarpal, following surgery and initial fixation with plaster of Paris. Rehabilitation after surgery or post-fracture management.

In certain cases of the above mentioned injuries or degenerative states/arthritis the Chrisofix® V. metcarpal joint orthosis secures appropriate positioning and stability of the V. metacarpal, the v. MCP and the V. CMC joint while ensuring comfort and precise fitting.

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Application and adjusting

The ready to adjust Chrisofix orthoses have to be adjusted directly on the injured/diseased body part. The rough adjustment (bending) has to be performed on a non-injured limb of similar size. Fine adjustments, readjustments (e.g. after soft tissue swelling is reduced) can be made without removing the orthosis.

  • Bend the prefabricated orthosis to ensure the requested position (angle) of the fingers IV+V.
  • Put the injured hand and fingers IV-V with the ulnar side into the prefabricated orthosis.
  • With gentle pressure, carefully adjust the orthosis to the hand and fingers.
  • Fix the fingers IV-V with the loop.
  • If indicated, you can correct the bending of the orthosis into the finally required position.
  • Fasten the orthosis to the hand with the bandages between the thumb and index finger as well asaround the wrist and forearm.

To remove the orthosis, it is not necessary to open the strap on the fingers, they can simply be pulled out from and later shifted back into the fixation. 

Product Details




S (small)


PIP-joint of the finger V. – line of the wrist

<10.5 cm


REF / Order Number

RIGHT: 284 121 186

LEFT: 294 121 186

M (medium)


PIP-joint of the finger V. – line of the wrist

10.6-11.9 cm


REF / Order Number

RIGHT: 286 121 186

LEFT: 296 121 186

L (large)


PIP-joint of the finger V. – line of the wrist

12 < cm


REF / Order Number

RIGHT: 288 121 186

LEFT: 298 121 186


Polyethylene (PE) foam, polyamide (PA) velour, cotton, corrugated and perforated aluminum (EN AW-1050A)


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