Finger splint (DIP+PIP) – Malleable
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Recommended for fixation of the PIP and DIP joints following injuries, stress and strain, ligament injuries and certain fractures or in case of degenerative states/arthritis (also rheumatoid arthritis, gout, autoimmune diseases) or as part of post surgical rehabilitation in certain cases.

The malleable Chrisofix® long finger splint fixates the finger in an appropriate and desirable position – if this differs from the above described anatomical (0° or straight) position, while thanks to its innovative design it also ensures stability, comfort and precise fitting.


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Application and adjusting

The ready to adjust Chrisofix® splints/orthoses have to be adjusted directly on the injured/diseased body part. The rough adjustment (bending) has to be performed on a non-injured finger. Fine adjustments, re-adjustments (e.g. after soft tissue swelling is reduced) can be made without removing the splint/orthosis.

The finger to be splinted must be placed into the splint/orthosis. The latter must be carefully adjusted to the finger with gentle pressure. The splints/orthoses can be fixed with the supplied velcro fasteners. Frequent bending and stretching of the splint/orthosis can damage its stability; these must be restricted to the necessary minimum.

Product Details




XXXS (children)


Length of splint

4.3 cm

REF / Order Number

101 121 104

10 pcs pack: 101 121 304

100 pcs pack: 101 121 904

XXS (children large)


Length of splint

5.5 cm

REF / Order Number

102 121 104

10 pcs pack: 102 121 304

100 pcs pack: 102 121 904

S (small)


Length of splint

6.5 cm


Ref. / Order Number

104 121 104 

10 pcs pack: 104 121 304

100 pcs pack: 104 121 904

L (large)


Length of splint

7.2 cm


REF / Order Number

108 121 104

10 pcs pack: 108 121 304

100 pcs pack: 108 121 904

XL (extra large)


Length of splint

9.7 cm


Ref. / Order Number

109 121 104

10 pcs pack: 109 121 304

100 pcs pack: 109 121 904


Polyethylene (PE) foam, poliamide (PA) velour, cotton, corrugated and perforated aluminium (EN AW-1050A)


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