Carpal Tunnel Syndrome orthosis

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For night and rest use   Chrisofix world class orthoses - night

The night use version of the Chrisofix® Carpal Tunnel  orthosis serves to fixate the wrist in the adequate position to relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome during the night.

It is also recommended to wear in the instances of tenosynovitis, arthritis or other degenerative states of the wrist. In case of wrist pain, or injury (i.e. sprain, distorsion of the ligaments etc.) to the wrist, or even following wrist surgery or following removal of cast fixation.

The nighttime orthosis provides a high degree of stability and good immobilization necessary for treatment.

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Application and adjusting

The ready to adjust Chrisofix® orthoses have to be adjusted directly on the injured/diseased body part. The rough adjustment (bending) has to be performed on a non-injured limb of similar size. Fine adjustments, readjustments (e.g. after soft tissue swelling is reduced) can be made without removing the orthosis.

  • Place the forearm with the radial side into the ready to use orthosis.
  • Adjust the orthosis to the hand and wrist kept in physiological position.
  • Fasten the orthosis with the bandages.

To remove the orthosis, it is not necessary to open the strap on back of the hand; the hand can simply be pulled out from and later shifted back into the fixation. Frequent bending and stretching of the orthosis can damage its stability; these must be restricted to the necessary minimum.

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< 8 cm

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8-9 cm

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9 < cm

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